What’s the Best Wood for Interior Doors?

Your interior wooden doors serve a variety of purposes. Firstly, they provide an aesthetic purpose, adding the pure beauty of wood to your interiors. Then there are the practical aspects of using interior doors for privacy and insulation. The right wooden door will combine aesthetic appeal with the ability to block sound transfer between rooms while regulating temperatures.

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Why You Should Choose Sash Windows

Period features are all the rage in homes across the UK. Whether it’s high ceilings, classic fireplaces, wood beams or sash windows, people are continually opting to add these classic features into their modern homes to give them that extra touch of elegance.

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What is Causing the Housing Shortage in the UK?

The UK is said to be amid a housing shortage crisis. House prices are higher than they’ve ever been – risen by over 160% since their low point in 1996 – and homeownership is the lowest it has ever been, with more and more young people struggling to raise funds to put down a deposit on a house.

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What are the Benefits of Bespoke Joinery?

When you invest in bespoke joinery, you can guarantee that the fit, finish and craftsmanship are far superior to off-the-shelf-solutions. Yet “bespoke” has often come to be synonymous with “expensive”, meaning many people may opt to hire a carpenter instead of a joiner – and this is essentially the equivalent of hiring a house painter to paint the Sistine Chapel.

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Can uPVC Windows Be Used in Conservation Areas?

If you live in a conservation area, you may not be able to replace your current timber windows with uPVC windows. Whether you want to give the windows an updated look or to get double or triple glazing fitted, replacing timber windows with uPVC in a conservation area can be tricky. You will certainly need to apply for permission from the council, and it may not be granted. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about uPVC windows in conservation areas, and why they are not necessary.

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How to Paint Wooden Windows and Doors

If your home is looking a little tired and you reckon it’s time for a bit of DIY, you may want to consider giving your wooden doors and/or windows a fresh coat of paint.

There’s a misconception that wooden doors and windows need to be repainted frequently, however this is not the case; well-treated wood will provide serious longevity. Recoating is only necessary when it shows signs of wear, such as colour fading or a loss of sheen, or after repairing any damage to the timber.

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uPVC vs Wood

Wood is the greener and more durable option compared to uPVC. There are a number of advantages to choosing wood over uPVC for your windows and doors, such as its beautiful appearance and its greener and more hard-wearing nature. Wood can be more advantageous to uPVC due to its:

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The Hallmarks of Quality Craftsmanship

Poor craftsmanship can wreak havoc is people’s lives when they end up shilling out for expensive work which is done poorly. A YouGov survey found that 51% of owners of recent new builds experience problems including construction, fittings and utilities, so it’s not just those having work done to their current homes who are experiencing problems.

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Who Invented the Staircase?

Stairs are one of the oldest structures in the world and have been about in some form or another since humans first created homes. The first stairs were most likely made from hewn logs or flat rocks that were stacked to overcome difficulties presented by the terrain. As civilisation progressed and building techniques developed, magnificent staircases took shape in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

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What is the Best Style of Staircase for Your Space?

When deciding what kind of staircase you want fitted into your home or commercial property, it’s important to consider how the style will match its surroundings. Certain types of staircases will be better suited to particular spaces. Thinking carefully about your chosen style can be important for a number of reasons, such as the space restrictions in a room, the décor or the general aesthetic that you’re trying to create.

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