Loft Staircase Manufacturer

Loft staircase manufacturers offer different types of loft stairs, adding life to your attic or basement. Here are some of the types, widely offered by the manufacturers of loft stairs.

Fixed loft stairs
Fixed loft stairs offered by some loft staircase manufacturers, permanently affix the loft to the lower level floor or base. They are suitable for lofts that have been changed into living space or a home office, and are accessed on a daily basis. These types of loft stairs bear a semblance to the regular staircase and are covered with carpet for comfort and ease.

Spiral and Tread loft stairs
Another type of loft stairs offered by staircase manufacturers are spiral loft stairs. They come in twisted form, and are ranked among the most stylish loft staircases. These stairs save space in your room.

Pull-down loft stairs
Pull-down loft stairs, also known as drop-down stairs, are commonly used for infrequently accessed lofts, such as those that give space for storage. These stairs are perfect for areas with insufficient space. The most prevalent style is folding stairs, which are made from hinged segments by the some loft staircase manufacturers, and can be easily folded up or down as required.

Disappearing loft stairs
Manufacturers of loft stairs also offer disappearing stairs, which are folding or sliding loft staircases. An impressive feature is that the staircase can be slipped out of sight. Some disappearing stairs are placed into a ceiling cove when they are not in use.

Darcy Joinery, a loft staircase manufacturer, ensures that your stairs are installed by its expert craftsmen, who effectively broaden the opening to your loft, with the minimum interruption and inconvenience. Fitting doesn’t consume more than two to three hours of your time.

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