Staircases Manchester

As a popular staircase manufacturer, we know that projects often stall when your Builder / Architect insists you’ll be unable to fit a staircase to comply with Building Regulations – but it’s amazing how often you can!

These days the main focus of our company is on bespoke designer staircases in and around Manchester.

Therefore we have built up an enviable reputation for producing high quality staircases to suit applications where many have said it won’t fit!

Creative & Compliant Staircase Manufacturers

Building Regulations determine the underlying properties of staircases in all applications but very rarely have we come across a situation we haven’t been able to resolve with a staircase that not only complies with building regulations but is also sympathetically designed to suit the existing staircase in the property concerned. One common example is the introduction of a kite winder staircase which is ideal for getting height in very tight spaces.

We can produce 3, 4, 6, 8 and even 16 kite winders if the height requires so-with all tapered treads to a minimum of 50mm at inside edge.

Our standard trade range staircases are manufactured with 32mm whitewood strings, 25mm whitewood/mdf treads, 9mm mdf risers – however other higher quality materials such as Redwood, Sapele, Oak and Ash are available at extra cost.

Where we're going - right now

We produce standard straight flight staircases and kite winders in high volumes and this is our bread & butter! But in recent years we have introduced different materials into our staircase projects such as glass balustrading, stainless steel hand railing, stainless steel wires and stainless steel inserts into newel posts etc (see gallery). With the introduction of these materials we have been able to propel the once mundane designs of staircases into the 21st century and offer our clients something different to the usual array of newel posts and spindles that have been the only thing on offer for so long.

We are constantly striving to achieve higher levels of innovation in our products so we get excited when a client has what they think is an unusual job that no-one else will touch; don’t be put off by others’ defeatist attitudes. You will benefit from an experienced designer staircase manufacturer who wants to give you what you want that remains safe & within compliance.

Bring it on-we love it!