Period Mouldings & Architectural Joinery in Manchester

Period Mouldings & Architectural Joinery

Are you a Preservation company or domestic user renovating an old property and need some skirting / architrave or handrail for a job but can’t find it anywhere. Don’t try and botch it up with something similar off the shelf to make do! – it never looks right. Give us a call – We can help.

We have highly skilled woodworking machinists that can reproduce almost any period moulding in any quantity from 1 metre to infinity. All we need you to do is send us a sample of what you are trying to copy and we’ll machine it up to the exact specification not just something like! There is always an initial set up fee for machining/tooling so the more you buy the cheaper it becomes.

We have made mouldings for: The Building Trade, Organ Building companies, Coffin Makers Etc.

Architectural Joinery

We can produce specialist roof trusses in large section timbers usually found in old buildings such as churches and Barn conversions.

Please note we do not produce mass made roof trusses for new build roofs – these are usually sourced from builders merchants, as well as Shop Frontages, External Portico’s, Wooden Corbels (usually found on Shop frontages) etc.

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