How to Combine Tradition and Modernity in Design 

At Darcy Joinery, we believe in the beauty of balance, especially when blending old and new. Our approach combines skilled, hands-on craft with fresh, modern elements. This balance is reflected in everything we create, from windows and staircases to beautifully…

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Your 2024 Renovation Journey with Darcy Joinery

Your home is more than just a property. It’s a place where you create memories with your loved ones and live out your dreams. Unfortunately, some of these spaces may require renewal. Over time, you may want to personalise and…

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different wood tiles

Exploring Different Timber Options for Bespoke Joinery

In bespoke joinery, the choice of timber is as crucial as the craftsmanship it requires. Each type of wood possesses unique attributes and aesthetic values that significantly influence the overall finesse and functionality of the project. However, because of this,…

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Modern contemporary floating staircases in open plan living space

Infusing Your Home With Unique Staircase Designs

At Darcy Joinery, we believe every detail matters; elegance and innovation should blend seamlessly to create your dream home. We also understand your desire to transform your home into a space that reflects your unique style and personality. And, as…

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Reviving Charm Through Window Restoration

Imagine walking down a street lined with historical buildings, each with unique charm and character. As you admire the architecture, you notice that some windows are boarded up while others desperately need repair. This scenario is all too common, as…

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A door handle on a green door

Why Internal Doors Should Be Made to Measure

Most people don’t realise that there are specific rules governing the size of internal doors, which is why many people get frustrated when they can’t find the right size for their home. If you have ever had to get a…

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Tools on a partly renovated wooden staircase

In Need of a Staircase Renovation?

The staircase is the most essential feature of any multi-level home as it connects each floor seamlessly. A staircase can be the focal point that draws the eye or be tucked away in a corner, depending on the space available…

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