Wooden Loft Stairs

We are often quizzical over the loft storage space that is usually left untouched and forgotten. When we need to store our legendary furniture or paintings, do we realize its’ importance. And, the question of its access consequently arises. Wooden loft stairs is the secret weapon to access these safely tucked places. Available in various choices, sizes and budgets these ladders immensely help to reach the farthest corners of our homes. The wooden loft stairs can either be fixed in place or can be folded and retracted for multi-purpose use around the house.

Wooden loft stairs are sold in variety of timber. Hardwood timber is most expensive, attractive and best for the environment, followed by economical pine construction. Darcy Joinery experts recommend attaching hand rails, rubber feet or pinch protection to these stairs for use by children, elderly and physically challenged individuals to safeguard them against falls. Securing wooden loft stairs involves knowledge and skill. Instead of building it yourself, seek the help of Darcy Joinery professionals, it will give you peace of mind and save you time.

Whether you choose timber or pine wooden loft stairs to access your loft, the design should accommodate the interiors, and convenient to store. You can find common yet exquisitely designed loft stairs models at Darcy Joinery Ltd., UK. Prices on these units vary according to the features requested. Their standard range of wooden loft stairs include whitewood, but if you are looking for a chic style and luxurious quality take a look at their offerings in Redwood, Sapele, Oak and Ash. Recently, they have introduced glass and stainless steel in their staircase bandwagon. These not only define the look of the interiors but are equally sturdy in their operation. With their debut they have opened doors to the unique style of 21st century, adding panache to the home décor.

So what are you waiting for? Go visit Darcy Joinery Ltd. today and grab your choicest wooden loft stairs.

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