Loft Staircase Company

When you are thinking of hiring a loft stairs company what comes to mind first? Building regulations may come to your mind first. At Darcy Joinery we can take care of your questions in regards to loft stairs. Our company has been in business for 30 years and is family run. Take a look at the many styles that Darcy Joinery can offer at our website at and we’re sure that you will find the right loft stairs design to fit your needs.

At Darcy Joinery we specialize in loft stairs and can even offer you copies of a historic staircase or a replica of your original loft stairs if they have sustained damage due to a fire. Check out the gallery of loft stairs available at our website at and browse the variety available. We offer straight flight and kite winders with combinations to suit nearly any need. We offer glass balustrading, stainless steel, stainless steel inserts, safety glass and various choices of woods.

At Darcy Joinery we have choices for loft stairs that another loft stairs company may not be able to offer you. Loft stairs do not have to be a boring plain set of loft stairs. Why have a plain set of loft stairs when you can have built to your specifications a beautiful set of loft stairs that can compliment your design and be as simple or as high end a design as you want. Check out the designs today at and find the loft stairs design that is just right for you.

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