Oak Windows

In the early days of the company, manufacturing made-to-measure oak windows was our only business. Now those 30 years of experience shine through in the craftsman-ship of every single one of the oak windows we produce.

We can offer oak windows in variety of styles. Our storm-proof casement oak windows are ideal for either commercial or residential applications. In these windows the opener is rebated around the outer edge to give much better weather protection than possible in older styles of oak windows. We can also produce sliding slash oak windows to provide a traditional look to new properties or to fit in with an existing theme.

Our modern design methods mean we can produce this style of oak windows in full double-glazing for an old fashioned look with modern practicality. In fact all of our windows are fully beaded and have draught seals fitted around all casement openings, while sash windows have brush type draught exclusion fitted to staff beads and parting beads, meaning no more nasty drafts!

The design and fabrication of oak windows is our bread and butter, but the same amount of enthusiasm and attention to detail that went in to our first oak windows over 30 years ago still goes in to the items we make today. Please take some time to view our extensive gallery of oak windows we have manufactured and installed for other people. We?re sure you?ll agree that whatever your application, we have the expertise and experience to help make your vision a reality.

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