Oak Staircases

Darcy Joinery is a family run business that specialises in the fabrication and fitting of oak staircases. Over the last 30 years oak staircases have come to make up the majority of our business. This is largely because building regulations have made it harder and harder to find suitable off-the-shelf oak staircases for the increasing numbers of renovation and conversion projects.

Our eager design team has a vast experience of oak staircases and their construction having worked on many different types of project over the years. In fact the kind of bespoke oak staircases that we specialise in are often the only option for many of our clients, especially if renovating older buildings, but we are never ones to shirk a challenge. We’re confident that no matter what other firms may have said to you in regards to what is possible; we’ll be able to build an oak staircase to fit your project.

So many years working with oak staircases doesn’t mean we’re old fashioned though. We can also integrate other materials such as glass and stainless steel in to our designs, adding a stylish contemporary twist to the classic elegance of oak staircases. We can also work in Redwood, Sapele and Ash This desire to keep innovating within our field is something we’re very proud of, so if you have a design for an oak staircase that you’ve been told can’t be done? please call us today!

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