The Advantages of Wooden Sash Windows

Here at Darcy Joinery we believe that sash windows are truly beautiful and can give your home a gorgeous aesthetic. Sash windows are a feature of traditional Britain, and their installation actually dates all the way back to 1670, meaning that they are typically a feature of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses. Here at Darcy Joinery we are passionate about our products, so we are going to reveal the advantages of installing a set of sash windows in your property.

What is a Sash Window?

A sash window is made out of one or more movable panels that are known as ‘sashes’. These then form a frame that holds panes of glass which are often separated by narrow muntins (a small strip of wood). Some of the oldest surviving examples of this window style can be found at Ham House.

Fabulous Features of Sash Windows

  • The obvious advantage of this type of window is that it has an incredibly appealing style that can add a touch of class and a little luxury to your home. With their charming aesthetic, they have the power to make the exterior of your home look wonderfully welcoming and appealing.
  • They can increase the value of your home if you take advantage of the traditional theme, yet add modern sash windows.
  • As they do not protrude outwards, sash windows are typically safer than other styles; therefore preventing accidents.
  • Wooden sash windows are extremely durable and less susceptible to damage. This makes them a fantastic investment.
  • This style of window is wonderful for Britain’s typical wet weather, as sash windows can be closed during rainy weather while still allowing natural light and providing ventilation.

In the past, the downside to a sash window was that they were single glazed and draughty. Today, with the invention of UPVC, this style is actually very energy efficient and will keep your home comfortably cosy.

At Darcy Joinery we are passionate about traditional, stylish and attractive joinery design, so we provide an array of high quality sash windows in Manchester as well as a bespoke window design service. Don’t let plastic windows spoil the look of your home, so contact us for more information today.