The Advantages of Wooden Sash Windows

Beautiful white wooden sash windows on traditional-styled house

Here at Darcy Joinery, we believe sash windows are truly beautiful and can give your home a gorgeous aesthetic. Sash windows are a feature of traditional Britain, and their installation dates back to 1670, meaning that they are typically a feature of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses.

As leading providers of bespoke wooden sash windows in Manchester, we are passionate about quality, aesthetics, and above all else, ensuring our clients get exactly what they need. So, to help you decide whether wooden sash windows are the right choice for your home, we’re exploring their advantages in today’s blog.

What is a Sash Window?

A sash window is a type of window that consists of one or more movable panels or “sashes” that slide up and down vertically within the frame. The sashes are typically counterbalanced by weights or springs and can be opened at the top or bottom, allowing for ventilation.

This window style has been around for centuries and was first used in England in the late 17th century before becoming popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Sash windows were a significant improvement over previous window designs, as they allowed for larger, more easily cleaned panes of glass, as well as better ventilation and insulation.

The original sash windows were made of wood, but over time, other materials, such as aluminium and vinyl, have been used. However, wooden sash windows remain popular due to a long list of reasons we’ll be delving into.

Beautiful white wooden sash windows

The Benefits of Choosing Wooden Sash Windows

We may be biased, but we believe the advantages of installing wooden sash windows in your home are endless. At Darcy Joinery, we have had decades of experience and have helped countless clients improve their homes’ aesthetics, sustainability, and weather-proofing, and sash windows have played a significant part in this. So, if you’re wondering why you should choose sash windows for your home, we’re here to explain.


Wooden sash windows can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home due to their classic and timeless design. For example, they have a traditional look that can add character and charm to any home, and the natural beauty of wood is hard to beat. In addition, wooden sash windows bring a warm, natural feel to any room and provide a sense of connection to the outdoors with their stunning display of unique grain and texture of the wood.

Finally, this window type comes in a wide variety of designs and styles, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home. You can choose from an extensive range of our wood types to ensure you have the right aesthetic to match the rest of your home.

Energy Efficiency

As well as the stunning natural beauty sash windows provide, they have several practical benefits, such as energy efficiency. For example, wooden sash windows can create a tight seal, preventing draughts and air leaks when closed. This means less warm air will escape from the home during winter, and less cold air will escape during the summer, reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

Green painted wooden sash windows

In addition, wooden sash windows have insulating properties due to the nature of the material, which is a natural insulator. When paired with double or triple glazing, wooden sash windows can help to reduce heat transfer, making them an excellent energy-efficient option.


Wooden sash windows can be durable if they are well-made, treated properly, and maintained regularly. This is because wood is a natural material that can be strong and long-lasting if it is protected from moisture and other types of damage. In addition, if they do become damaged, wooden sash windows are easily repairable, which means they can often be restored to their original condition.

However, the durability of wooden sash windows will depend on a range of factors, including the quality of the wood, the treatment and maintenance of the windows, and the environment in which they are installed. However, with proper care, wooden sash windows can provide homeowners with a durable, long-lasting window option.


Wooden sash windows are sustainable for several reasons, such as:

  • Wood is a renewable resource, which means it can be replenished over time, and when harvested responsibly, it can be the best sustainable building material with a lower environmental impact than many other materials.
  • Compared to producing other window materials, such as PVC, the production of wooden sash windows require relatively low energy inputs. This means they have a lower carbon footprint than other window materials.
  • As mentioned, wooden sash windows can be designed and installed to be energy-efficient. This means they help reduce the energy required to heat or cool a home, reducing energy use and costs.
White wooden sash window opening


Wooden sash windows can be completely bespoke and made-to-measure, which means they can be customised to fit the exact size and shape of your window opening. This ensures a perfect fit and a more secure, energy-efficient window installation.

In addition, this window type can be designed to match the home’s architectural style. They can be made with various wood types and finishes, allowing for a truly unique and personalised look.

Here at Darcy Joinery, we pride ourselves on delivering the best for our clients, which often means bringing their ideas to life. One of the best things about us is that we’re always open to new ideas and being creative, so if you’re looking for bespoke wooden sash windows to add a touch of traditional class to your home, we’re here for you.

Easy Maintenance

Finally, when it comes to maintaining sash windows, there is little work to be done. Keep on top of the cleaning as you should do with any window to prevent dirt and grime from building up and damaging the wood. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the frames and glass, and avoid using abrasive cleaners that could scratch the wood.

In addition, ensure you regularly check for damage, which means inspecting them for cracks or rotting wood and repairing any damage as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening.

Finally, wooden sash windows have moving parts that must be lubricated to keep them functioning properly. To prevent sticking, use a silicone spray or similar lubricant on the pulleys, hinges, and other moving parts.

If you keep this up, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your windows and benefit from a lifetime of their long list of advantages.

Wooden Sash Windows at Darcy Joinery

At Darcy Joinery, we are passionate about traditional, stylish and attractive joinery design, so we provide an array of high-quality sash windows in Manchester as well as a bespoke window design service. In addition, we’re passionate about customer service and providing our clients with exactly what they want, so if other joiners have turned you down for your out-of-the-box ideas, we want to hear from you! Don’t let plastic windows spoil the look of your home, contact us for more information today; we can’t wait to get started on your project.