A Guide to Maintaining Your Sash Windows

Traditional wooden sash windows add character and charm to your property, as well as retaining the original period features. If you are looking to replace old sashes, then Darcy Joinery manufacture and fit beautiful sash windows in Manchester. We can create windows to perfectly replicate your original set, but with added modern fixtures for better insulation and security. Although our sash windows are designed with the highest quality materials, over the years you may find that you have to carry out a few of the following maintenance tips.


All windows need cleaning regularly, but with sash windows it is a little trickier, because the sashes
overlap. When cleaning the outside of windows yourself, you should always take your personal safety into account. If you wish to wash the outside of your windows from the inside, we recommend that you have simplex hinges fitted to the left side of the lower sash so it can swing open, allowing you to access the outer panes. Use warm soapy water to wash the glass and frames, and dry and polish with a cotton cloth; tea towels work particularly well.


Darcy Joinery use the highest quality timber to make sash windows frames, and the windows are built to last a lifetime. However, to ensure the protection of the wood from the elements, we recommend that you repaint them every five years. Removing old layers of paint and sanding the surfaces also improves the smooth sliding movement. Although regular repainting seems like a hassle, the benefit is that if you want to refresh the appearance of your house by using a new colour for the timber elements, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Start by preparing the wooden surfaces. Use sugar soap to remove the dirt, debris and stains. You then need to remove the existing paint layers. It is not recommended that you use paint strippers or mechanical sanding, as this can damage the delicate beading. Instead, use a chisel and sandpaper. Treat any knots, cracks or resinous patches with wood treatment and leave to dry. When it comes to painting, ensure the putty joint is sealed with paint, but avoid spreading the paint too far onto the glass and maintain a straight line.


It is highly unlikely that you will need to re-cord a sash window made by Darcy Joinery, as we provide the highest quality cords that are reinforced with wax. However, if you use your windows very frequently, wear and tear may occur after a few decades. Re-cording requires both sashes to be removed from the frame. Firstly, the baton rod and parting bead must be removed to allow the sash to be released. The cords are detached from the side of the sash and then the sash is set aside. The new sash cord must be of the same diameter as the old one to ensure smooth movement. The new cord is threaded over the pulley and attached to the weight in the weight box. The window is temporarily supported close to the window opening, and the new cord is pulled down slack, set into the groove, and gently nailed into position using tacks.

Darcy Joinery’s sash windows are created using the highest quality timber, double glazed glass for optimum energy efficiency and compact opening mechanisms. Our products require very little maintenance, and if you do encounter any problems we provide a dedicated after-care service.