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How to Combine Tradition and Modernity in Design 

At Darcy Joinery, we believe in the beauty of balance, especially when blending old and new. Our approach combines skilled, hands-on craft with fresh, modern elements. This balance is reflected in everything we create, from windows and staircases to beautifully…

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Beautiful white wooden sash windows on traditional-styled house

The Advantages of Wooden Sash Windows

Here at Darcy Joinery, we believe sash windows are truly beautiful and can give your home a gorgeous aesthetic. Sash windows are a feature of traditional Britain, and their installation dates back to 1670, meaning that they are typically a…

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Why Choose Sash Windows?

Here at Darcy Joinery, we only want the best for our customers, which is why we provide high-quality materials alongside exceptional service as standard. Our 30 years of experience as joiners in Manchester speak for themselves when looking at the…

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Sash Window from Darcy Joinery2

What You Need to Know About Sash Windows

Sash windows are a sophisticated, elegant addition to any property. Their function is just as important as their style. Often associated with Georgian, Regency or Victorian properties, you may think that sash windows are not appropriate for modern homes where…

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Sash Window

Why You Should Choose Sash Windows

Period features are all the rage in homes across the UK. Whether it’s high ceilings, classic fireplaces, wood beams or sash windows, people are continually opting to add these classic features into their modern homes to give them that extra…

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The Key Benefits of Timber Double-Glazed Sash Windows

Tired of rattly, draughty, single-glazed traditional sash windows, but casements won’t suit the style of your property and you don’t want to opt for PVC? Then solid wood, double-glazed sash windows could be the smart choice for your home.

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3 Considerations When Replacing Your Windows

If your windows are in need of a replacement, it can be a little overwhelming choosing suitable styles and materials when there are so many options. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that you purchase the most…

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Add Class To Your Home With Sash Windows

Sash windows have always been a fashion statement within homes. Since the 17th century, the best-dressed homes have had timber sash windows, and even today, they continue to add style and elegance to modern homes. At Darcy Joinery, we believe…

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Sash Windows: History and Heritage

Sash windows have been said to be one of the most recognised, well-respected and truly architectural qualities of British heritage, although there is much speculation regarding the true origins of the window style. Sash windows are elegant, ornate and add…

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Why choose Sash Windows?

When choosing the perfect windows for your home, there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration in order to create a complementary aesthetic exterior for your lovely abode. Windows should remain in the character, heritage and architectural quality…

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