Add Class To Your Home With Sash Windows

Sash windows have always been a fashion statement within homes. Since the 17th century, the best-dressed homes have had timber sash windows, and even today, they continue to add style and elegance to modern homes. At Darcy Joinery, we believe that sash windows are the perfect choice for every home! Here are our reasons why:

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Georgian Glamour

Sash windows are best associated with the Georgian and Victorian eras when there was no uPVC. Yet those timber frames are still around, even though uPVC is said to be more durable. In fact, independent Life Cycle tests have shown that timber windows actually outlast uPVC.

Exclude the Draughts

Sash windows may look elegant, but they have a reputation as being draughty. That was true, once, in the days before central heating when houses were built to allow airflow to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. By choosing our sash windows in Manchester, you’ll benefit from 21st-century techniques that mean our sash windows are draughtproof and feature modern locking mechanisms.

Protecting the Planet

It goes without saying that timber frames are more environmentally friendly than plastic. Wood is a sustainable material that actually has a negative impact on global warming. That means that in the 60+ years of service you’ll get from your timber framed sash windows, they’ll actually reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. And old sashes can be recycled or burnt, which you can’t do with uPVC.

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But What About the Maintenance?

Timber frames have a reputation of being high maintenance and ideally you will have to redecorate or treat your windows every two to three years to prolong their useful life. However, our modern manufacturing techniques which use materials like steel to reinforce your sashes, mean that your windows will still be going strong after you’ve had to replace uPVC sashes twice.

Instant Class Adds Value

One of the big plus points for timber sash windows is their beauty. They add instant class to any home and help create that wow factor buyers are looking for.

If you’re interested in installing sash windows in Manchester, contact us today and add elegance and style to your home.