How to Paint Wooden Windows and Doors

If your home is looking a little tired and you reckon it’s time for a bit of DIY, you may want to consider giving your wooden doors and/or windows a fresh coat of paint.

There’s a misconception that wooden doors and windows need to be repainted frequently, however this is not the case; well-treated wood will provide serious longevity. Recoating is only necessary when it shows signs of wear, such as colour fading or a loss of sheen, or after repairing any damage to the timber.

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uPVC vs Wood

Wood is the greener and more durable option compared to uPVC. There are a number of advantages to choosing wood over uPVC for your windows and doors, such as its beautiful appearance and its greener and more hard-wearing nature. Wood can be more advantageous to uPVC due to its:

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The Hallmarks of Quality Craftsmanship

Poor craftsmanship can wreak havoc is people’s lives when they end up shilling out for expensive work which is done poorly. A YouGov survey found that 51% of owners of recent new builds experience problems including construction, fittings and utilities, so it’s not just those having work done to their current homes who are experiencing problems.

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Who Invented the Staircase?

Stairs are one of the oldest structures in the world and have been about in some form or another since humans first created homes. The first stairs were most likely made from hewn logs or flat rocks that were stacked to overcome difficulties presented by the terrain. As civilisation progressed and building techniques developed, magnificent staircases took shape in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

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What is the Best Style of Staircase for Your Space?

When deciding what kind of staircase you want fitted into your home or commercial property, it’s important to consider how the style will match its surroundings. Certain types of staircases will be better suited to particular spaces. Thinking carefully about your chosen style can be important for a number of reasons, such as the space restrictions in a room, the décor or the general aesthetic that you’re trying to create.

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Which Type of Wood Suits You Best?

If you’re considering some bespoke joinery for your home, whether it be new doors or a staircase, there are a number of different aspects you will need to consider. Style and functionality are two key components of interior design; you will want your new joinery to match your home and perform its job well.

The type of wood you choose for your joinery might seem secondary to these decisions. However, did you know that your choice of wood can have a huge impact on the finished product? Certain types of wood lend themselves to particular styles and interior design choices. The right kind of wood can bring warmth to a room, add distinction and enhance your home in so many ways.

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7 Incredible Staircases from Around the World

Most people wouldn’t really give staircases a second thought. After all, they’re just a practical – often forgettable – means to move up or down, right?

However, as an innovative staircase manufacturer, we’ve come across some pretty impressive designs within homes. In fact, we have expertly manufactured some high-end designer staircases over the years.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why we are fascinated by some of the world’s most famous architecture – especially when it comes to staircases. From the simple but elegant, to some downright bizarre and out-of-this-world designs, here is our list of the 7 most incredible and captivating staircases from around the world.

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Christmas Decoration Ideas for Staircases

It feels like people start prepping for Christmas earlier and earlier every year, and mid-October has now become the time to start thinking about how you plan to decorate your home for the festive season. If you love to embrace the holiday season, you might already be planning your trip to choose the perfect tree, dusting off those boxes of ornaments tucked in the cupboard under the stairs and investing in fresh wreaths for your front door decorations. And for those who like to go the extra mile, it’s absolutely essential to go beyond the limits of tradition to make a real impact on guests and neighbours by putting your own stamp on the festive period.

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Make an Impression with a Statement Staircase

For some, the staircase might be the last part of the home they consider to be the main, extravagant feature of a room. However, they are an incredibly important part of the home from both a practical and design point of view. Staircases are more than just a standing fixture that allows you to get from one floor to another; they can be crafted into a true piece of art, adding some real personality and style into the architecture of a home.

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Restore Your Older Home With Beautiful Joinery

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of purchasing your first home, but when you’ve fallen in love with a house that has had a few occupants before you, certain updates might be necessary, and your beautiful new household might need a bit of TLC to get it up to the standard you’d like.

Replacing specific items, like wood or tile, might be a first on the list. So what can you do to make your new house feel like a home? Joinery can be a great place to start. Continue reading

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