Why choose Sash Windows?

When choosing the perfect windows for your home, there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration in order to create a complementary aesthetic exterior for your lovely abode. Windows should remain in the character, heritage and architectural quality of a property, and enhance its original features.

Whether a contemporary or traditional build, sash windows are the perfect option for that rustic and rural styled touch to any home. Any property, period or contemporary, would benefit from the addition of these stylish windows; here are a few reasons why.


Sash windows are full of character, and can add a sense of time-honoured tradition to even the most modern of builds. They offer a unique and stylised aesthetic and add an exterior quality quite like no other. Sash windows are an extremely sought after design element and can even increase the value of a property due to their rare quality.


Sash windows, if treat correctly with appropriate protection, offer a long product life to any build. Sash windows are durable against all weather conditions and are less likely to rot or warp due to unpredictable elements.


A safety feature of the sash window is that when open, there are no sharp edges or anything that is likely to cause harm to inhabitants. Due to this, sash windows are the perfect option for homes with children and pets. All sash window corners and panes are covered making them an easy and safe window installation for all properties.


Sash windows offer fantastic ventilation for all properties. No matter the size of your property, sash windows can be opened to a flexible range of degrees, to encourage a strong air flow throughout a home, improving air quality. Sash windows are well suited to the UK climate, as they form a strong weather boundary against harsher elements and can be opened wide during warmer seasons. A good air flow throughout the home is crucial to stop damp and other interior problems, especially throughout period and more traditional properties.

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