Innovative Staircase Trends

If you’re looking for some inspiration based on some of the best, most beautiful wooden staircases from the last decade, this blog can help you to understand how a grand staircase can add to the style of your home. We’ll talk about what aspects make a wooden staircase enviable, and how to choose staircase designs that help to emulate the aesthetics of popular eras.

Floating Steps

Floating steps are a celebration of engineering, but they also look beautifully modern in the home. These stairs are known by a few names: floating stairs, cantilever steps, hanging steps, suspended stairs. The steps showcased in the image below copy the colouration and style of the wooden flooring, which makes them especially effective. The clean white walls and surroundings also make these beautifully simple stairs stand out.

One disadvantage of this design is that by making the floor and stairs so clearly the focus of this area’s interior design, any imperfections in the quality of the fitting will be eye-catching. On the other hand, it may be worth the risk for the chance to own stairs as stunning as these.

  Bright space - an elegant hall in a spacious apartment

Minimalist Stairs

In a similar vein to the previous example, these stairs achieve a minimalist aesthetic. They are light, airy, and open. Unlike a more traditional staircase, these minimalist stairs encourage the open-plan atmosphere of this room by allowing the individual to see beyond them.

The light colour of the wood adds to the bright and open feelings in this layout. It is always important to think about colours and finishes when you’re introducing a wooden staircase into your home.

Wooden minimalistic stairs in pure big space

Spiral Staircase

An alternative to the minimalist staircase is the spiral staircase. The image of elegance and efficiency, the spiral staircase uses minimal floor space for maximum lift. By operating in such a small space, the spiral staircase is an excellent solution for open plan rooms. In the example below, the flooring is composed of a golden-brown coloured wood which does not match the dark wood of the stairs.  What brings this room together is the emphasis on wooden materials and the careful choice of complimentary accessories; the cushions on the sofa do an excellent job of bringing the various shades together.

It is important to plan your staircase carefully if you want to achieve the best effects from your new installation.

Curve wooden stairs in spacious living room

Stylish Stairs

If a set of spiral stairs seem too steep, or the floating steps seem too unstable, then you might be leaning towards a more traditional type of staircase. Traditional stairs don’t necessarily mean a traditional style, however.

These two-tone stairs look brilliantly unique by framing each step in wood. There is a danger in choosing the colour white if you allow shoes to be worn indoors, as the white may end up scuffed and unsightly quite quickly. Other colours or shades of wood may look excellent with less of the worry about dirt, however.

Two-tone rooms are a popular fashion in 2020, and it makes sense that staircases would follow in contributing to this trend in their own way.

Modern interior design of house, kitchen, living room with sofa, hall, staircase 3d rendering

Traditional Staircase

This staircase is missing the typically magnificent sweeping balustrade that accompanies most grand, full wooden stairs, but nevertheless this is one of the more recognisably stereotypical stairs in this blog.

It’s a popular trend in modern interior design to mix metals in bathroom and kitchen designs, and the rustic equivalent of this is to mix colours of wood throughout the home. In the image below, we see a blending of various wooden textures and colours. Overall, we think that style works wonderfully in this home. Many will consider the natural tones of this look to be quite relaxing, and a few indoor plants might serve to soften some of the hard edges and improve the earthy feelings that this room is starting to suggest. 

Beautiful modern loft, staircase view

Storage Stairs

At the end of the day, your stairs serve a purpose – to help you to get from one part of your home to the next – but the functionality of your stairs doesn’t need to stop there. You can ensure that your stairs are achieving the maximum optimisation of your space by having them double as a storage space.

In the image below, the underside of the stairs is a myriad of draws and cupboards, and the lowest stair has also been converted into draw.

Modern architecture interior with luxury hallway with glossy wooden stairs in multi-storey house. Custom built pullout cabinets on glides in slots under stairs. Use of space for storage. (Modern architecture interior with luxury hallway with glossy wo

This functionality doesn’t neglect a sense of style, either. These stairs have been carefully built alongside the flooring to encourage geometric styles in the home – another popular interior design trend that has been taking modern homes by storm.

If you’re looking for new staircases in Manchester, then we can help you to choose suitable materials. Contact us about your plans and ideas now so that we can start planning for renovations and ideas in a post-lockdown Britain.