The Best Guide to Buying a Staircase for Your Home

There are plenty of guides out there that are designed to help you to transform your home in order to achieve the interior design of your dreams, however many of those fail to include the staircase and this is something that we aim to change. Your staircase shouldn’t be an after-thought; it should be the centre piece to your home, as there are so many options in regards to design available to you. So to aid you on your way to home perfection we’ve created a helpful guide to help you to create the right staircase.

The Style

The staircase can make or break the general aesthetic of your home so the design is incredibly important. So ask yourself do you desire a stylish modern home? Or a gorgeous rustic design? The style that you choose will alter the entire design of your staircase. This is why it is always worth investing in a bespoke design that will be individual to your home – besides this will create a first impression that is nothing short of striking when guests visit your home.

The Materials

The material used will help to create the desired aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. Wood is by far the most popular choice for staircases and it isn’t hard to see why; it is durable, easy to shape and can be both contemporary and traditional. It is also possible to incorporate materials such as glass and steel to create a stunning staircase!

The Shape

Typically in Britain the majority of staircases are straight however, this is not the only option that is available to you; they can be curved, cantilevered, fixed to a wall or free standing. What is appropriate for you will depend on your home and the aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. Curved staircases look excellent in the both the modern home and the period property adding a regal element that is truly impressive. Cantilevered staircases look perfect in rustic cottages with that fabulously trendy farmhouse feeling.

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