What We Do at Darcy Joinery 

 As a well-established joiner covering the Manchester area for over 50 years, you can count on Darcy Joinery for many projects in and around the home. We have years of experience in all types of projects and an excellent track record for delivering products that match our customers’ exact needs and desires.  

Highly Quality Joinery Services from Darcy Joinery 

There is still confusion about how joinery differs from carpentry, and we often get asked what the difference is.  

As you will know, both industries work with wood, and while there are similarities in what we do compared to what a carpenter will do, you have some significant differences.  

As joiners, our primary job is to “join” wood. We create pieces that join in a workshop, ready to transport to your home or business and fit in place. We produce timber products such as doors, windows and more or specialist furniture items or products you need within your home or building like staircases. The process requires heavy machinery, which is why we carry out our bespoke joinery in a Manchester-based dedicated workshop space.  

Carpenters tend to focus on different areas, and their work is primarily site based, like producing and fitting roof trusses and flooring.  

When you count on Darcy Joinery for our high-quality joinery services, you will receive products from our highly skilled artisans completed in our extensive 4,500-square-foot workshop in Manchester. As a result, we can produce an array of products to meet every need.   

We focus on creating the unique, so you won’t find our pieces in catalogues, and we’ll make them to your exact tastes, meaning you can design your home or workspace exactly how you want it. Take a look at some of the services you can take advantage of from Darcy Joinery below.  

Beautiful hand crafted wooden door

Custom Made Door Suppliers 

We have been known as a reputable wooden door supplier in Manchester for many years, and we plan on that reputation following us for years to come.  

Our wooden doors are created to match your exact specifications. We can make beautiful wooden doors for internal and external use that are different from the bog standard products you’ll find in your local hardware store.  

We have manufactured doors for cottages, barns, and garages in various styles. In addition, we have experience providing doors of various types for different uses, including French, Georgian, Colonial, and more.  

In addition to doors, we can supply you with beautifully crafted doorframes to create grand entrances or give your space an extra something should you require it.  

Stunning handcrafted wooden staircase

Staircases to Suit Every Style  

As dedicated staircase manufacturers, we have expert knowledge in creating and fitting every type of staircase. No matter if you want a standard staircase, an open plan living, a glass panel, or a cut string staircase, we can help. Our oak staircases are a huge hit in many settings and offer a robust, beautiful addition to any home.  

Our staircases are manufactured to the highest quality and meet every required regulation for your building, no matter how awkward the space may be. We have proven time and time again that it is possible to create a safe solution for your staircase in areas where many architects and builders believe it won’t fit.   

Handcrafted white wood staircase

Loft Staircases  

Our expertise doesn’t stop with staircases that go from floor to floor, either. As a loft staircase company, we can provide you with the perfect solution to getting more from your home.  

Whether you have converted your loft space to a playroom, office, another bedroom, or just want to make the most of the storage space it offers and have easy access to your belongings, we can provide you with the perfect loft staircase solution.  

Details on a handcrafted wooden front door

Bespoke Windows to Match Your Needs  

Whether you require sash or casement windows in Manchester, we can help. With years of knowledge under our sleeves, we can provide traditional wooden windows that will never look out of place, even in a contemporary home. What’s more, some of our options can include friction hinges, as seen on UPVC windows should you wish.  

Our wooden casement and sash windows are combined with stainless steel to provide double-glazed options for the 21st century. We work hard to break the misconception that wooden windows are draughty and single-glazed with our modern approach to delivering beautiful windows.  

We have many options for openings, hinges, and more. Plus, we can ensure that your windows match conservation regulations should you update an older property but want a modern-day solution.  

Materials We Use 

We know quality when we see it, so we only use the best wood and materials for your project. We can advise on wood types and uses at the start of your project to ensure that the wood you choose is suitable for its setting.  

If you are unsure about the suitable wood for your project or have a type of wood in mind but fear it won’t quite be suitable and want something to match that works, feel free to ask. 

Joinery Services in Manchester  

If you have a project in mind and are looking for joiners in Manchester, look no further. You can count on us to provide high-quality products that will meet any need, building regulations, and style. Check out our gallery to see previous work, and contact us to get a quote for your project.