What a Difference a Door Makes: How Doors Affect the Value of Your Property

Your front door is the first thing that visitors see when they approach your home. It is a huge part of your property’s identity and can completely transform both your internal and external aesthetic. If it’s shabby, dilapidated, and unloved, it gives the sense that your house is the same, and this can affect its overall value.

This means that choosing the right door is essential to boosting the price tag of your property, so if you’re considering upgrading, here are a few points to think about.

Kerb Appeal

People often upgrade their doors when they’re considering selling their property, which is a very wise move. Research has shown that most buyers make their mind up within minutes of seeing your house for the first time, and old and faded doors are a big turn-off. Suggesting that your home is unloved and uncared for, they make it seem like a far less attractive prospect than it otherwise might. This makes a suitable upgrade one easy way to boost the price tag of your property.

Area Aesthetic

Standing out from the crowd isn’t always a bad thing, but studies show that it can negatively impact the price of your home if you do not choose a door that’s in keeping with the architectural style of your immediate neighbour. This means that you not only need to take into account how a new door will look individually, but also how it will look alongside other homes in your area.


A new door will almost always add value to your home, but most people don’t want to spend more than they have to in order to make improvements. There is nothing wrong with admitting this, and the trick is to get the best for your budget. However, it’s often worth paying a small amount more for a better quality product, rather than looking at only the most economical options around, as the former will usually wear better and last longer, ensuring you get more for your money in the long-run.

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