Transform Your Home with the Victorian Gothic Aesthetic | Darcy Joinery

The Victorian Gothic movement was an era full of stunning architectural design and elegant detailing. Though this style first came about in the 1740s, it is an aesthetic that is sought after by many contemporary interior designers and home owners. If the Victorian Gothic style intrigues you, then take a look at our tips that will help you to transform your home by using this aesthetic.

Elegance, Drama & Detail

If there’s one thing that stands out about Gothic architecture and interior design, it is elegant, dramatic detailing. This style is all about statement-making; unlike other movements in the Victorian era, gothic architecture embodies opulence, lavishness and, of course, luxury. When it comes to choosing wallpapers and furniture, choose dramatic designs that stand out. Go for highly detailed pieces – you can’t go wrong with dark woods, especially mahogany; period mouldings are a must-have feature for the glamorous gothic home!

Stand Out Features

To ensure that your home embodies this aesthetic in the best possible way, you need to have convincing Victorian-inspired features. A beautiful centrepiece for the home is the staircase; often it is there as soon as you walk into the home, so it needs to look spectacular and provide you and your guests with a sense of awe. As staircase suppliers, we know how to create beautiful staircases that look simply gorgeous in your home.

Colour Schemes

When it comes to your colour scheme, keep it simple. Typical Victorian colours include:

  • Earthy green
  • Burgundy
  • Deep purple
  • Ruby red
  • Navy blue

Colours should be kept quite dark to achieve a bold aesthetic. Alternatively, your walls can remain natural; you can simply add colour with exotic drapery and high class wall art.

Whether you have a modern home and desire the marvellous Victorian aesthetic or you are lucky enough to have a Victorian home, we can help you to transform you home using the Victorian Gothic aesthetic. We specialise in bespoke joinery in Manchester so that you can have the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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