The Guide to Choosing the Perfect Staircase for You

A staircase is an essential accessory to any multi-level home. It can be a grand feature to draw attention or be a hidden little gem that is only apparent when used. Your home should show your personality so the choice is completely up to you, but there are a few things you should consider when choosing the perfect one.

Match it

Your staircase should fit into the style and décor of your home, it should look as though it has been there forever, so whether your home is a modern build or a small rustic cottage, the staircase needs to resemble the home’s unique feel. Consider colour palettes, material choices and styles/shapes of staircases in order to create the perfect look. You can view a variety of styles in our gallery. Staircases should also match the space of a property; if you have a smaller area to fill, a lesser frame may be appropriate, whereas more decorative and grander options can be placed in more spacious layouts. Also, make sure your staircase matches other wooden accents in the room or close vicinity. The wrong mix of woods can look disorderly and draw attention from the design aesthetic.


Do you need extra storage? If so, opt for storage facilities under the staircase. It’s a tidy and economic option for any family orientated or smaller spaced home. Staircases can also be left open, which can become a decorative and interesting oddity to a minimalist home. Spiral staircases are a great way of saving space yet remain functional and aesthetically pleasing. The amount of everyday use the staircase will endure also needs to be the reasoning behind the strength of wood choice and the frame ability, for example, a delicate decorative frame for a heavily used main hallway would not be suitable. 

Design and materials

Wood is the predominant material used throughout the staircase trade. As staircase suppliers we specialise in bespoke handmade designs which give a luxurious and unique sense to any home. Handmade staircases allow you to achieve exactly what you envision for your abode. Glass detailing or other accents can be used to give an extra touch of class, but it is important to make sure when considering hand rails or balustrades that the frame is durable, and that there is enough space to carry such detail. Staircases also come in various styles, shapes and sizes, so once again consider the décor and surrounding detail of the space.

For more information in regards to our bespoke handmade staircases please feel free to get in contact with our helpful team. With over 30 years experience in the joinery trade we are sure to have the perfect staircase for you and your home.