Turn Your Staircase into Storage

Making the most of all of the space you have available to you within your home is absolutely vital. As your family grows, space in your household becomes a premium, so there really is no space you should neglect when it comes to maximising storage potential.

The team here at Darcy Joinery have years of experience when it comes to creating some handy storage space in and under your staircase. Read on to find out some of the more creative ways you can best-utilise your staircase in terms of storage.

Drawers Under Stairs

Many homeowners are on the search for more storage space in their hallway, and under stair drawers offer space in abundance. They are an ideal solution for any hallways that are relatively narrow, as you simply don’t have the space for any furniture.

If you’re looking for a substitute to a console table in your hallway, then under stair drawers are ideal as you can put any commonly used items in these drawers for safe keeping.

Drawers Under Stairs


Drawers Under Steps

Looking to really maximise the amount of storage space in your home? Then why not go one step further than under stair drawers, and opt for drawers integrated into the steps on your staircase! This interior design technique is being used extensively in homes around the UK, thanks to under step drawers ability to give homeowners access to a unique and large amount of extra storage space.

Drawers Under Steps


Home Office

In the 21st century home, you’ll find that most homes will have a room dedicated to an ‘office’ space, which is ideal for times when you need to get away to do some work or make progress on a personal project. But in most cases, the actual space that is required for a fully kitted out office isn’t that of a whole room, so why not free up your spare room and integrate your office into your staircase?

The space that is left under your staircase is a prime position for any office space, as you can easily fit in your computer or laptop, a phone, a spare monitor and even include some shelves to store your important documents. Moving your workstation under your stairs enables you to make better use of your spare room, possibly allowing you to turn this into a storage space for your home.

Home Office


Secret Playroom

If you have dedicated a spare room or your dining space to your children’s playroom for the last few years, it may be time to reclaim your home and look to move your children’s playroom to a smaller and more secluded area. As your children grow older, they will likely want a space which places more emphasis on embracing technology, rather than toys, so why not turn the wasted space below your staircase into a secret playroom?

Not only are you utilising the space under your stairs more effectively, you are opening up an entire new room’s storage potential by moving your children’s playtime space into a smaller and often underutilised space.

You could install a TV and games console within the room, so your children have a secluded space to enjoy some Netflix away from the living room. This really is a fantastic way to give your children a space they can call their own, whilst giving you the opportunity to use the TV to watch some adult programmes!

Secret Playroom Under Stairs


Book Nook

If you’re a keen book worm, then installing a book nook under your stairs is an ideal way to save space whilst also giving yourself an idyllic location to relax and read your books. Many of us choose to store books around our home, on bookshelves, in drawers or even in the attic – so having a space dedicated to your favourite books is ideal.

By integrating a built in bookshelf into the space under your stairs you are afforded a beautiful centrepiece for any room, whilst also freeing up space from all around the house. Compliment this space with your favourite comfy chair and some soft lighting to create an ideal location to sit back and enjoy a good late night read.

Under Stair Book Nook


If you’re interested in making the most out of the space under your stairs, then why not get in touch with the team here at Darcy Joinery and see how our experts can help you? We have years of experience manufacturing staircases in Manchester, so you can rest assured our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you. No matter what you’re looking for, we will do our very best to find a creative and practical solution for your needs.

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