3 Popular Panelling Options for Your Doors (and Top Maintenance Tips)

Due to the sheer amount of style variety that residential properties can be found in, it’s no wonder that doors can have such a broad range of aesthetics to match. Those finishing touches on a beautifully crafted door can completely transform the exterior of a house and make your home look truly stunning.

Panels are one such addition to doors that can completely change the way they look. We all know that a plain, flat door is very dull to look at, so panels can add a visually appealing element that would otherwise mean that your doors have no style whatsoever. But did you know that there are a range of different kinds of panelling options for doors? If you’re thinking of having a door made for your home, consider the following three popular panelling options:

Single Panel Doors

A single panelled door consists of two stiles, top and bottom rails. They are a common style of door, and their silhouette means that they look great in a wide range of styles. A single panel may encompass just the top half of the door, the entire thing or just a small section. In some cases, this panel may be mottled glass, providing light to the interior of a property but still providing privacy by obscuring the view inside.

Single panel doors are popular for front and back doors on a house.

Single Panelled Door

Double Panel Doors

Double panel doors consist of two wooden panels with a middle rail or stile that divides the frame into the two parts. This is an incredibly common style that can be found not just on the exterior doors but on interior doors, too.

The symmetry created by the double panelled door is very pleasing to look at and creates a wonderful effect. The panels are typically the same size, and one or both may be glass, depending on their application.

Double Panelled Doors

Four Panel Doors

Possibly the kind of panelled door that you might encounter the most frequently, a four-panel door consists of four rectangular panels, typically with two longer panels above a horizontal middle rail and then two smaller panels below.

This style of panelling is often found on interior doors and exterior doors, creating a visually interesting impact on a house. The two opposite panels often mirror each other, and the two top panels may sometimes be made from glass – or even all four panels.

Four Panelled Door

Door Maintenance Tips

If you choose to have doors handcrafted from timber, you need to make sure you take care of them so they can last a lifetime. Looking after timber doors is not as difficult as people think. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about caring for timber doors:

  • Clean your door with soapy water and a damp cloth but use a mild soap to ensure you don’t remove the finish. They should only need a clean once a year, but possibly more frequently depending on local environmental conditions. Also, take care not to use abrasive cleaning implements like steel wool.
  • Clean any glass with domestic cleaners for glass surfaces.
  • Once a year, inspect hinges and handles for stiffness and treat with a light oil if needed.
  • Keep an eye out for minor damage like coating damage or open joints and spot repair as necessary.
  • A soft duster and furniture polish can be used to keep it in good condition.
  • Wax as appropriate, but ensure all dust is removed first and use sparingly.
  • If a repaint is needed, wash the door with a mild alkaline cleaning solution, gently sand away from flaking paint, fill any cracks that have developed, and repaint the exterior with a topcoat paint – which may require more than one coat.
  • Moisture can cause timber to swell so ensure your house is sufficiently ventilated to prevent issues like blistering and discolouration.

Provided you keep an eye on your joinery and take care of it as required, there is no reason that it should need replacing in your lifetime. Timber doors and timber windows are beautiful additions to a home that have a multitude of benefits, aside from being a truly beautiful option for any house. Darcy joinery is a door supplier in Manchester. Contact us today to find out how we can craft you that perfect door, with any number of panels that you would like. We also provide windows and staircases in Manchester.