Planning a Loft Conversion

Lofts and attics are spaces with incredible potential, but people leave them unused because they worry that converting it into a useful space will cost too much or be complicated and stressful. There is no way of working out the cost until you have the design down and an idea of what you’re going to buy. If you employ an architect and don’t do any of the building yourself then it could end up being pretty pricey but there are ways of saving costs. If you’re just looking for a simple space to chill out occasionally or work from you can get away with spending less, however if it’s going to be a full-on living space you might expect to pay up to £20,000.

Planning Permission

If you are opting for a simple sky-light option and there are no roof alternations then you can get on with converting your loft space without planning permission. However you will have to apply for permission if you are building dormer windows as these change the physical shape of the roof. Dormer window spaces with flat roofs can’t exceed 50 cubic meters for a semi detached or detached house. If you live within a national park, area of outstanding natural beauty or World Heritage Site then you can’t build roof extensions at all.
Existing Loft Uses

You will have to consider what you already use your loft for and what you’re going to do with the things already residing in there. A lot of people have a lot of junk or old belongings stored in their loft. This is a great excuse to get rid of things you should have removed years ago. Old junk can be sold, donated, recycled or thrown away. A lot of lofts house water tanks; if it not possible to relocate your boiler you should box this up into its own cupboard or seal it away with walls.

New Loft Uses

The new use of your loft completely depends on the size of the space and what you’re missing from the main body of the house that you wish you had. If the space is quite small it might be more suitable for a study or playroom. If the space is large you can fit in a nice new bedroom and possibly also an en suite. When it comes to fitting a staircase to provide access to your new room the purpose and available space are important factors. As an experienced loft staircase manufacturer, Darcy Joinery can create the perfect solution. For occasional use loft spaces a pull down staircase is the ideal solution. For loft spaces with new living spaces we can provide beautiful fixed staircases to suit the style of your home.

Building a loft conversion can be tricky if you don’t have much DIY experience, but there is plenty of literature both online and in DIY books to give you some guidance. Remember to seek help from professionals if parts of the work get you stumped, such as the plumbing. When it comes to a stunning stair case, you can count on Darcy Joinery to provide a bespoke solution that really suits the space you have.