Make an Impression with a Statement Staircase

For some, the staircase might be the last part of the home they consider to be the main, extravagant feature of a room. However, they are an incredibly important part of the home from both a practical and design point of view. Staircases are more than just a standing fixture that allows you to get from one floor to another; they can be crafted into a true piece of art, adding some real personality and style into the architecture of a home.

Don’t let your staircase be an afterthought, take a look at some of the stunning styles below and get inspired to transform your home with a spectacular staircase. Whether it’s a minimalistic, contemporary design or one with a built-in bookcase, there are so many things you can do with a staircase to really bring your home to life.

Dramatic Design

Your staircase doesn’t need to shrink away and hide in a corner of the room. A bold, dramatic staircase can be the focal point of a space and really wow everyone with its presence. A split staircase can really make a dramatic statement. These are typically used in the entryway of grand and spacious homes. They start with a wider flight at the bottom leading to a landing, where two narrower flights break off at either side, one going left and the other going right to the next floor. These lavish designs truly embrace the idea that a staircase is not a fixture to be ignored.

Vintage ‘Period’ Features

Vintage is not just reserved for furniture items like sofas and rugs; a staircase can also be infused with a vintage flare to match your chosen style. Whether your Georgian-style home has a wide staircase with an elegantly thin handrail, or dark wood, intricately designed balusters to give some Victorian notes; if vintage is the style of choice for your home, incorporate this look into your staircase with some beautiful joinery.

Floating Stairs

If you’re looking for something unique for your home, perhaps you should consider a floating staircase, consisting of treads with no risers. Instead, the treads are attached directly to the wall in a way that hides the support to achieve an elegant, floating appearance. Glass riders can also be used for added support, creating a truly incredible, contemporary look that often forgoes handrails to really give a  wonderfully open feeling.

Storage Stairs

A staircase doesn’t just have to be a staircase; they can be designed to save on space by incorporating storage facilities into the empty space underneath them. Whether it’s by turning the space into a den for the kids, a little room for the pet, a bookcase, or creating a cosy reading nook, so much can be done with that space that otherwise might go to waste.

Circular Staircase

Similar to a spiral staircase you might find in a castle, a circular staircase has a more relaxed curve, making the steps easier to navigate. The curve is more graceful and less compact, helping to create an architectural focal point. They require more open space and are perfect designs for those looking to create a lasting impression with their staircase.

Staircases can really tie a home’s design together, even working as the central focus for the ground floor. If you’re looking for staircase suppliers, look no further than Darcy Joinery. With over 30 years of experience in the joinery trade, we have built up an envied reputation for producing high-quality made-to-measure joinery products. We love innovative designs that we’ve never done before, so contact us today if you’re full of design ideas for staircases that you can’t find in any brochure.