How to Use Your Door for Storage Solutions

So many people struggle with not having enough storage space. No matter how much organising and decluttering you do, chances are it will still feel like you’re out of space and there’s nowhere else to store everything.

If you’re short on space and there’s no more room for another cabinet or shelf, why not consider utilising your doors? Doors are essential, but you can get more use out of them than just closing off rooms. There are many ways to incorporate storage solutions into your doors to make the most of your space and better organise your home.

Here are some of our favourite examples of ways you can use your door for storage solutions:

Hanging Baskets

The simplest way to incorporate storage into your doors is with some hanging baskets. There are so many styles to choose from, they simply hang over the back of the door using hooks and then the baskets are suspended down the door, ready for your belongings.

You could use one in the bathroom for toiletries, or in the kitchen for utensils.



Coat Rack

A simple solution to all those coats and jackets taking up lots of room in your wardrobe is with some door hooks. Whether nailed into the back of your door or slung over the top of the door, hooks are an easy way to use your door as somewhere to hang your coats or purses.



Shoe Rack

Shoes can take up a surprising amount of space. They often end up piled on top of each other in the back of wardrobes or just strewn around the floor by the front door. Sort out your shoe collection with a shoe rack that hangs over the door.

You can put so many pairs of shoes on the door to your wardrobe or closet, keeping them out of the way and neatly organised.



Spice Rack

Are your kitchen cupboards overflowing with spices? Are you constantly knocking them over or spilling them out onto the counter whenever you reach into the back for something?

Well, utilise the back of your pantry door with a built-in spice rack. Your spices will stay safe with no risk of falling and can be organised with ease.



Hang Cleaning Equipment

Doors aren’t just a great place to build shelves or hang baskets; you can also place grips into the back of a door to hang equipment like mops, brooms and vacuums.

Cleaning equipment can take up a lot of room in a cupboard, not to mention they often fall out whenever you open the door. You can pick up some grips from a DIY shop and install them into your door. They hold up your brooms and mops, preventing them from falling over and keeping them well organised.



Storage Nooks

If you have nooks and crannies in your home that make the perfect place to store belongings, but they make your home look overly cluttered, consider getting a door to conceal them.

You can get half doors built to create unique cupboards and storage space for your belongings. For those items that you need but don’t use very frequently, like suitcases, consider a door sliding storage solution to keep your home looking well organised.



Towel Rail

If you have a small bathroom, think outside the box with your storage solutions. Rather than take up precious wall space with a towel rail, consider installing the rails on the back of the bathroom door.

Your door will provide plenty of space to hang your towels and mean that you have more space inside the bathroom to work with.



Shelf as a Door

If you want to think a bit more outside the box, you could consider combining a shelf and a door to become one. The result is a lovely shelf to hold your belongings that also doubles as a door to reveal hidden away storage spaces. It makes an excellent addition to a home and provides a great way to create more storage space while also doubling as something practical.



We hope these storage solutions have inspired you to do more with your doors at home and implement great, organised storage today. If your doors are looking a bit tired and could do with an update, at Darcy Joinery, we can provide you with wooden doors in Manchester. We produce all kinds of internal and external doors to your exact specifications in a wide range of timbers. Contact us today to find out more.