Creating Staircases That Stand Out

The staircase is often a prominent feature of any home but is so often overlooked. Staircases aren’t just for getting from one floor to the next and, with careful consideration and design, your next staircase could make a fantastic impact on your home.

In this blog we’re going to talk about how to design a staircase that complements or contrasts the surrounding room, and how this can create a sense of style.

House, Interior with staircase in large hall with marble floor

Design Considerations

There are many different options for the shape and style of your staircase, and the first consideration should be about the kind of look that you are trying to create in your space. If you’re hoping to create a modern look in your hallway, then you’ll want to avoid a heavy staircase with a thick balustrade. Alternatively, if the rest of your room is quite rural and rustic, floating steps might not be appropriate either.

The amount of space that you have to work with will inevitable dictate the size and design of your staircase to some extent – you’re never going to be able to fit a grand staircase into a tiny hall – but our staircase manufacturers in Manchester know all the tricks of the trade that will help you to incorporate beautiful stairs into your home. From floating to spiral, let the experts guide you on what will work in your home.

Staircases and Light

If your staircase is quite dark, then you might want to think about creative solutions that enable you to keep the light in. Using glass panelling below the handrail will allow light to pass freely between the next room and your stairs. Alternatively, you might consider cantilever stairs – floating stairs will allow light to pass and will naturally create a more spacious environment.

If you are tight for space, then you might want to consider adding in a skylight to brighten your stairs, or simply add more wall lighting. If you’re looking for an ornate wooden staircase, this may be a solution if your staircase becomes a little too dark.

Find Your Staircase Style

Create cohesion by putting in a staircase that matches the materials and colours used on your doors and floors. For homes that enjoy a more traditional, rustic aesthetic, using wooden spindles between the handrail and the stair string will allow you to keep your stair bright and airy whilst maintaining a sense of ornate carpentry. The handrail itself should also be carefully considered.

Floating staircases are more suitable for modern homes as they create quite a dramatic minimalist effect, but strong walls with an impeccable structure are needed to hide the support framework that goes into the creation of a floating staircase. As a result, this type of staircase is often created as part of a greater renovation project.

If you’re looking to save space whilst making an impact on your interior design, then the flowing curves of a spiral staircase might be the solution that your home is desperately in need of.

Sometimes, all your staircase needs to shine is freshening up. You might want to consider replacing the handrail and newel post, or perhaps some of the treads on your beautiful wooden staircase are looking a bit used. A new coat of varnish or paint might also bring life to an old staircase, but if you’re not sure – it’s always best to ask the experts.

Replacing an Existing Staircase

Replacing an existing staircase is a major piece of building work, just like knocking down a wall. But if your stairs aren’t well positioned or are taking up unnecessary space, it can be a worthwhile project that will make a massive difference to the feel of your home. This is where working with experts will help you to get the proportions and aesthetics just right.

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We can help you to understand what is plausible for your home and help you to integrate your own ideas in ways that obey current regulations and safety. For an aspect of your home that you are going to be using every day, you want to be sure that you get it right. Speak to us if you have a tired staircase that you hate and need replacing, or if you’re buying a new home and want to make sure that the staircase is done right.