Choosing The Right Door

Your front door helps to create the first impression for any visitor to your home; the style and design that you choose can say a lot about you. If you have a period property, then you will no doubt want to choose a front door that is in keeping with the age of the building, but if you have a more modern property then you may have a lot more choice. Here at Darcy Joinery we are an experienced door supplier in Manchester, and we can provide a wide range of doors in very different styles.


If you adore the rustic look, then you can choose from a range of very traditional designs. The vertical planks of cottage, stable and barn style doors evoke a very rural sort of style which is increasing in popularity, even in modern properties. We make doors of this style using solid boards with tongue and groove panelling for the perfect fit. Doors of this style are perfect for cottages and barn conversions.


For a formal and elegant look, Georgian and Colonial style doors are always an excellent choice. These styles feature a number of panels; these may be recessed panels in the same or similar material to the rest of the door, or they may be glazed. They are always very symmetrical in design, and use subtle, understated decorative features. These doors are, naturally, ideal for properties which date from the Georgian era themselves, but can also be used to great effect in modern homes.


The style of a modern door can vary greatly, but they often make excellent use of simple, minimalist lines and use glazing to great effect. As bespoke joinery specialists, we can create a wide range of styles and designs to suit any design. If you have a period property, then a contemporary style door will have to be designed very carefully so as not to look out of place (and if your property is listed or historic then you may need permission to use a different design) but in most cases it is possible.

Whatever style you choose, here at Darcy Joinery we can build you the bespoke door of your dreams. For more information, please contact us online or call us on 0161 643 0500.