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The Balance Wood Can Bring

While opting to use one type of material and tone exclusively might be to your personal taste, the most popular and dynamic spaces make use of different materials that all complement each other aesthetically and bring balance to the room.

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Hot Joinery Trends for This Year

Little details really help your home to stand out, and great joinery and carpentry provide that perfect bespoke finish for your home. Here are some of the hottest trends of the moment.

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4 Signs That Now is The Time to Get a New Front Door

Your front door is literally the gateway into your home and if yours is in need of some TLC, why not take the opportunity and replace the whole thing instead? Not only does your front door offer a first impression … Continue reading

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3 Considerations When Replacing Your Windows

If your windows are in need of a replacement, it can be a little overwhelming choosing suitable styles and materials when there are so many options. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that you purchase the most … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Hardwood for Your Front Door

Your front door can say a lot about your home and choosing the right design can make a huge difference. If you decide on a traditional hardwood door, however, making the right choice can be a minefield. Photo: Aldaba by … Continue reading

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Creating Staircases That Stand Out

The staircase is often the first thing that people see when they walk into your home but is so often overlooked. Staircases aren’t just for getting from one floor to the next: with careful consideration and design, staircases can create … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Door Makes: How Doors Affect the Value of Your Property

Your front door is the first thing that visitors see when they approach your home. It is a huge part of your property’s identity and can completely transform both your internal and external aesthetic. If it’s shabby, dilapidated, and unloved, … Continue reading

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Renovating a Listed Property: Why Getting Period Details Right Matters

If you’ve recently purchased a listed property, you’ll probably already be familiar with the pitfalls of renovation. You’ll have spoken to your local conservation officer and have a clear picture of what you can and cannot do to your property. … Continue reading

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Add Class To Your Home With Sash Windows

Sash windows have always been a fashion statement within homes. Since the 17th century, the best-dressed homes have had timber sash windows, and even today, they continue to add style and elegance to modern homes. At Darcy Joinery, we believe … Continue reading

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Dramatic Doors for More Sophisticated Interiors

When it comes to interior doors, a majority of interior designers will choose simple hinged doors throughout, as they are inexpensive and easy to set up. French doors are very common leading out to gardens and patios, as they offer … Continue reading

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