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How To Winter-Proof Your Windows

From summer highs of 28°, average UK temperatures can plunge to an icy 3° during the winter months. Added to the short days, dull skies and wetter weather (and with current events creating a more challenging winter than most), the…

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Can uPVC Windows Be Used in Conservation Areas?

If you live in a conservation area, you may not be able to replace your current timber windows with uPVC windows. Whether you want to give the windows an updated look or to get double or triple glazing fitted, replacing…

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How to Paint Wooden Windows and Doors

If your home is looking a little tired and you reckon it’s time for a bit of DIY, you may want to consider giving your wooden doors and/or windows a fresh coat of paint. There’s a misconception that wooden doors…

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brown wooden door a better option than uPVC when considering wood vs upvc

uPVC vs Wood

Wood is the greener and more durable option compared to uPVC. There are a number of advantages to choosing wood over uPVC for your windows and doors, such as its beautiful appearance and its greener and more hard-wearing nature. Wood can…

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The Key Benefits of Timber Double-Glazed Sash Windows

Tired of rattly, draughty, single-glazed traditional sash windows, but casements won’t suit the style of your property and you don’t want to opt for PVC? Then solid wood, double-glazed sash windows could be the smart choice for your home.

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4 Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows

You may never have really thought about replacing your windows; however, there are occasions when you need to consider the impacts of failing to do so. Well-maintained windows could last up to 20 years, yet will never last forever. So,…

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The Balance Wood Can Bring

While opting to use one type of material and tone exclusively might be to your personal taste, the most popular and dynamic spaces make use of different materials that all complement each other aesthetically and bring balance to the room.

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3 Considerations When Replacing Your Windows

If your windows are in need of a replacement, it can be a little overwhelming choosing suitable styles and materials when there are so many options. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that you purchase the most…

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The Importance of Duplex Glazing Systems

Few things are more important to the feel of a room than light – especially natural light – so it follows that few elements of a house’s construction matter so much visually as the windows. Darcy Joinery Ltd have been…

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