Elements that Create Consistency in Your Interior Design

When designing the interior of your house it is important that you consider the architecture and property age so that your rooms are cohesive with the outside. If you take a look at the living room design trends on the UKTV website it is easy to see that these designs are intended for certain property ages: Victorian decor wouldn’t look right in a modern building that has fairly low ceilings and neon colours would clash with Georgian architecture. Not only should you ensure there is consistency between the exterior and interior styles of your home but having complimentary design elements in each room will create harmony.

If you are clever with colour schemes then you can easily create a consistent and harmonious group of
rooms that clearly belong together, rather than feeling like isolated worlds. You can achieve cohesion in several ways: if you have a period property that contains architectural features such as coving or cornices then highlight these with a bright colour and paint the walls a neutral shade. You could try a rainbow effect where the colour shades change subtly to a new, but related colour as you move through the rooms. Alternatively you could create cohesion by echoing where colours lie in each room: so for example, you could opt for a scheme of white walls, wooden floors, and bright upholstery throughout.

Having a different types of flooring in every room will give your home a disjointed feel. Either pick the most versatile floor covering you can find and make it uniform across the building or have strict rules about where you have each flooring type. One option is to install a hardwearing floor covering, such as wood in the downstairs rooms as these are the primary living spaces where activities like cooking and eating occur. You could opt for carpet upstairs because these rooms are associated with comfort and receive lighter traffic. Pick a neutrally coloured carpet that will encourage harmony with each room’s colour scheme.


To ensure there is cohesion between the outside and inside of your property, it is very important to have consistent joinery and this means always using the same type of wood and decorative features. A door to a property is like a cover to a book; it sets up expectations of what lies behind. If your door is classy, smart or cheerful then you will expect the inside to have similar characteristics. Darcy joinery creates wooden doors in Manchester for any type of property. You can choose from a variety of wood types and we will happily make aesthetic features using bollexion moulding or panelling. We can create both exterior and interior doors so if you wish to have a whole matching set to ensure the style runs right through your home, then we can do this for you.

Cohesion between rooms is a design trait that people often forget about, but it is important if you wish each room to exist harmoniously with the next. It can be achieved subtly, using similar design layouts or boldly, by choosing one colour to fit all rooms.