Christmas Decoration Ideas for Staircases

It feels like people start prepping for Christmas earlier and earlier every year, and mid-October has now become the time to start thinking about how you plan to decorate your home for the festive season. If you love to embrace the holiday season, you might already be planning your trip to choose the perfect tree, dusting off those boxes of ornaments tucked in the cupboard under the stairs and investing in fresh wreaths for your front door decorations. And for those who like to go the extra mile, it’s absolutely essential to go beyond the limits of tradition to make a real impact on guests and neighbours by putting your own stamp on the festive period.

One part of the house that many overlook for Christmas decorations is the staircase. However, with a little creativity and imagination, a well-decorated staircase can help conjure the holiday magic for family and guests alike. As specialist staircase suppliers, we understand different types of staircases and what really brings them into their own. So we have a good idea how you can get the best out of your staircase with the right Christmas decorations.

Here are 6 suggestions for staircase decorations to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Pile Presents on the Steps

Whether you go all in and wrap real presents for this, getting early access to Santa’s bounty, or simply make up some mock ‘presents’, this can be an exciting way to decorate your staircase. Nothing sums up the fun and wonder of the festive season like stacks of Christmas presents, and they work superbly as ornamental additions to the steps.

2. Get the Right Look

Whatever approach you take for decorating your staircase, it’s important that you get a running theme going for a consistent look. This can link to the first suggestion, as the way you wrap the presents on the stairs should match the rest of your decorating style and colour scheme. You also want to ensure your decorations match your home’s design scheme, and that they align with your own values and beliefs about Christmas.

3. Embrace Nature with a Green Garland

Get in touch with the pagan roots of the festive season with a forest green garland. Winding this decoration around the bannisters, can be the perfect finishing touch to an earthy Christmas aesthetic. It matches the tree, the wreath and any other holly- or pine-based decorative items for a comprehensive overall look.

4. Have Warm Pillar Candles Lining the Stairs

Provide a gentle warming light to welcome guests with the golden light of Christmas candles. With pillar candles safely contained in glass holders, you can line the steps and illuminate the walkway steps to your front door or your interior staircase. Faux candles can be a good alternative if you want to eliminate the fire hazard element.

5. Try a Light-Up Garland to Illuminate the Room

If the garland idea appeals, but you want to move away from the pagan feel, then try one with Christmas lights weaved into it. This will deliver a gentle, warming glow to match your Christmas tree and wreaths.

6. Try Marquee Lights with a Festive Slogan

You might want to take a more theatrical approach to your staircase decoration, by investing in some vintage-inspired, light-up marquee letters positioned on the steps to spell out a Christmas message. This can deliver a warm glow alongside a charming message and could be combined with any of the aforementioned ideas if you like.

The way you decorate your staircase should not be considered a mere afterthought – take it from our team of specialist staircase suppliers. There are many ways you can decorate your stairs to help bring the festive cheer, and you’ll be glad you put in the effort once you’ve got it right.