Add Interest To Your Interiors With Bespoke Doors

When you’re refurbishing your home, it’s easy to forget the impact that bespoke doors can make. If you look beyond the utilitarian, there are several door styles that can add a real wow factor to your home.

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How a Stunning Staircase Could Transform Your House

A stunning, beautifully designer staircase can be the centrepiece of a beautiful and stylish home – whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an existing property. Continue reading

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Choosing the Ideal Interior Doors for Your Home

The right interior doors can make a huge impression. After all, choosing the ideal doors for your decor can make a big design statement and really pull the room together. Before approaching a door supplier Manchester, think about the style and finish that will look perfect in your home. Continue reading

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What Are the Benefits of Bespoke Joinery?

You know when something is bespoke, the fit, the finish, the craftsmanship are all superior to off-the-peg solutions. Yet ‘bespoke’ has become synonymous with ‘expensive’ and many people hire a carpenter instead of a joiner, which is the equivalent of hiring a house painter to paint the Sistine Chapel. If you want to create that high-quality finish for your interiors, you’ll need to hire a professional joiner. But what exactly are the benefits of investing in bespoke joinery Manchester? Continue reading

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Make Your House a Home When You Move In

Moving into a new house can often feel like squatting in someone else’s home for the first few months – you haven’t chosen the decor or the fixtures and fittings, and it doesn’t start to feel truly your own until you’ve put your stamp on it.

You might not choose to change everything, but the chances are you’ve got your eye on one or two things you’d like to change around. It might be the colour of the paint on the walls, or installing new carpets. Perhaps you want a new kitchen, or to change the fittings in the bathroom. Continue reading

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Why Bespoke is Best for a Sympathetic Renovation

Renovating a house can become a real labour of love; it’s time-consuming, can eat up your cash and leave your stress levels sky high – so it’s a good thing it’s all worth it in the end. Turning an older house into a wonderful home that you can happily live in will give you an immense sense of satisfaction, and doing it well will make it a home you truly love.

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The Lowdown on Staircase Design For 2017

When considering questions on interior design, people don’t usually think first about staircases. Yet the staircase is often one of the central and most noticeable features of a house. For this reason, it is vitally important to take time and consideration when refurbishing or designing your stairs.

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What’s the Best Wood for Interior Doors?

Your interior wood doors serve a variety of purposes. First, they have an aesthetic purpose, adding the beauty of wood to your interiors. Then there’s the practical aspects of using interior doors for privacy and insulation. The right door will combine aesthetic appeal with the ability to block sound transfer between rooms whilst regulating temperatures. Wood offers the perfect blend of beauty, practicality and durability without blowing your budget.

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Do You Want To Find The Right Staircase For Your Space?

Fitting a brand-new staircase doesn’t need to be difficult, if you know which staircases best fit different spaces. Your builder or architect may insist that they’re unable to build a staircase that complies with building regulations, but at Darcy Joinery, we use innovative tools and skills to make sure your building is kitted out with the best staircase possible. It doesn’t matter what size of space you have, we will be able to find a solution!

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The Key Benefits of Timber Double-Glazed Sash Windows

Tired of rattly, draughty, single-glazed traditional sash windows, but casements won’t suit the style of your property and you don’t want to opt for PVC? Then solid wood, double-glazed sash windows could be the smart choice for your home.

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